"The future of sculpture has only just begun. Its potential is greater now than ever before and its possibilities are just starting. Its language and its forms are just beginning to evolve… 
Sculpture is only a method of dealing with the big world. It’s only a method of looking for new forms and of formulating questions about the world we live in, about reality.
… Sculpture is a materialist’s tool, wich I would hope would also lead to a more open-minded approach to the world around us.
Any drawing or, any use of material that does not obey the rationale of industial production systems offers the hope of providing us with new forms and new imaginations.
I think there is a job to be done here in improving the quality of contemplation about an awaresness of the material world – the material world seen as an immediate extension of oneself, and if not oneself, then an immediate extension of the communal social effort, the cultural effort that you are part of. 
One thing is for sure, the shape of the future is much too important to just leave to businessmen and politicians to decide upon it." 
Extracts from Jon Wood: interview with Tony Cragg, catalogue In and out of material, Walther Köning, Köln, 2006.